// Photo by Taylor Ruecker

// Photo by Taylor Ruecker

Who am i?

I'm a full-time information designer, part-time crafter and novice cosplayer inspired by good typography and great hot chocolate. When I'm not designing something, I'm probably watching Parks and Recreation or Pushing Daisies for the tenth time.

I've always been doing creative things. When I was little, I used my dad's already-ancient desktop to write stories about a girl who ran away from the circus. In junior high and high school, I started sewing anything I could find or make a pattern for. Come university, my creativity shifted slightly from the physical to the digital, leading me into the world of information design. To bring myself back to the physical, I began to cross-stitch in my last two years of the program. These journeys made me the information designer and creative mind I am today.

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What do i do?

I am an information designer.

An information designer finds meaning in chaos. An information designer creates clarity out of complexity. An information designer, simply put, designs information.

For a more technical definition of my profession, let's turn to Frank Thissen:

"Information design is about the clear and effective presentation of information. It involves a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to communication, combining skills from graphic design, technical and non-technical authoring, psychology, communication theory, and cultural studies."